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The temple is a place where we gather and pray. Jesus is the living temple of God, instead he must experience death because of the temple of God

It is a joy in itself when we can see, witness and feel magnificent buildings, beautiful and cool natural scenery, also the face of someone who is beautiful and so on.  These are all human facts for which we should be grateful.  We are grateful that we are able to enjoy it with the senses we have.  Each of us would want everything to be good and beautiful, from our behavior to the behavior of the universe.  This is our reality as human beings who are capable of thinking and acting.  But that ability is also often the destroyer of the beauty that is around us.  Even one's own beauty is marred by our own thoughts and actions.  Humans who are so great and noble have actually become so low because of our own actions.  The temple is a place where we gather and pray.  The temple of Allah is our place to meet Allah.  In the temple building we express our faith.  The temple of God as a magnificent building is indeed needed.  But if only the physical building is important, the Temple will o