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The widow at Zarephath was willing to GIVE BREAD FROM HIS LACK to the prophet Elijah.  The poor widow who put the offering into the treasury was praised by Jesus because the widow gave of her lack.  The Widow of Zarephath and the Poor Widow are examples of believers who imitate Jesus Christ who was willing to lay down His life for the salvation of the world.  These two widows who are both poor give up what they need in life to help others who need them more.  They give willingly without expecting any appreciation or praise or reward.  we must always be ready to help anyone who is always in need, even if we have to sacrifice something that we really need.  For the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward from God (Mark 12:14).  Giving something to others in need, when we ourselves are also in need, is NOT EASY.  But herein lies the VALUE OF GIVING.  The value of that gift becomes REALLY HIGH, BECAUSE WE GIVE FROM WHAT WE NEED, NOT WHAT WE DON'T NEED.  We give from our lack and

The resurrection of the dead throughout Israel's history has always been an interesting debate. What is life after death?

The resurrection of the dead throughout Israel's history has always been an interesting debate.  Some groups of Jews believed in a resurrection but some Sadducees did not or did not believe in a bodily resurrection.  They also do not believe in angels and spirits, much less in the resurrection after death.  This unbelief is the context of their question to Jesus.  They imagine life after the resurrection as much as life today.  And their question is very relevant with regard to the law of the levirate.  This question becomes our question in general, namely how life after death.  We believe and believe that there is a resurrection and eternal life.  But as to how exactly or how the resurrection technique was, we can only speculate.  In line with the question of the Sadducees, nowadays what often becomes our debate is what about people who have died and are not buried, but cremated.  Anxiety thought of many people is one of the issues of bodily resurrection.  If his body was destroye

"Master, what must I do, to have eternal life?" so asked a rich young man (Mark 10:17-30

According to Jesus, the first way: Obeying God's Commandments (10 Commandments), this first method must be complemented by the second way: Following Jesus in life, because Jesus is the way to eternal life;  However, this second method needs to meet 2 conditions, namely:  trusting themselves sincerely in God's guidance where people are challenged to break free from attachments to personal desires and desires: money, place, people, position/position (worldly things).  Attachment in any form that is only temporary in nature, often shackles people and makes it difficult to let go and often leads people away from happiness.  All our hearts and minds are primarily for God and not for other things that can shift God's position in our hearts and minds. triving to live the Word of God in our daily life. As humans, we often act like the young man Jesus told about in today's Gospel.  The young man was so attached and preferred to follow the call of earthly treasures than to follow