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a celebration that wants to remind us that Jesus is King in this universe.  As King, His presence is a Blessing to HUMANITY.  The greatest blessing we receive from Him is HIS EXAMPLE OF LIFE to us, LIFE TO LOVE EACH OTHER.  The example of life He manifested by the miracles He did both healing and feeding, then atonement for our sins through His death on the cross.  My brethren, let us ask ourselves: Is Jesus still the king who reigns and reigns in each of us, in our families, in society, and in the midst of life in this universe?  Are we still providing the best time in our daily lives for Jesus the Lord?  It is not uncommon for JESUS ​​to be neglected in our daily lives.  He is indeed the king who resides within us, but often we don't greet him, we are ignorant and don't care about him, we don't ask for his advice and considerations.  Maybe all this time we "KING" OTHER THINGS OUTSIDE Christ.  We want POWER OVER OURSELVES so that we forget Jesus who is in fact th