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My house is a house of prayer, don't make it a den of thieves. Luke, 7:45-48

Jesus was angry when the synagogue was turned into a trading place. People who like high cholesterol foods will result in themselves having excess cholesterol.  A person who likes to eat and drink sweet, is likely to get sick with diabetes.  People who like to eat red meat or who have high blood content, it is almost certain that he will get high blood pressure.  In other words, what we eat can tell us who we are.  Jesus reminds us that the temple is a house of prayer.  In a new perspective, Saint Paul says that our body is the temple of God.  The temple of God is the house of God.  And if God's house is a house of prayer, then our body is also a house of prayer. Jesus reminded that each of us is actually a house of prayer.  If our bodies are filled with the elements of robbers, it is certain that the house of prayer will turn into a house of thieves.  What was supposed to be a place of sanctification but instead the house of prayer became a place of robbery.  Thus, it can be under