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Marriage is a sacred thing that must be lived with a big heart and soul. There is no right or wrong word. every second, Becoming a learning time for a harmonious family.

Much water cannot quench it, rivers cannot wash it away.  We were designed for Togetherness ~ the three-piece rope doesn't break easily. Even though living together is not as easy as the theory we often read.  We have lived a lot of pain and happiness.  There is a lot of tolerance that must be shared, even though it is not easy....There are times when the personal ego always wants to be respected.  There are times when the word sorry feels difficult to give to your beloved husband or wife.  Marriage is a sacred institution that must be lived with a big heart and soul..... there is never a word wrong and right..... every second, it's not enough just to learn..... but have to work hard and try tirelessly  to keep the marriage intact.  Marriage is a partnership in which one inspires the other, and brings fruit to both.  Marriage is the last, best opportunity for growth, there is no relationship, union or friendship more loving, friendly and joyful than a good marriage.  The true m