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Honest And Responsible Luke, 19:11-28

We must have heard the term Judgment Day, what are our feelings and thoughts?  Of course we say the day of reckoning, the time when we have to give accountability for our lives and only we ourselves know what kind of accountability to give.  For from our own mouths, we shall pronounce judgment upon ourselves. the disciples that Jesus' journey to Jerusalem was not only the beginning of the building of the kingdom but also a time to account for all the beliefs that were offered to the disciples and all of us. It is not the result that determines the responsibility, but the effort and honest attitude.  Today's parable provides an example of how dishonesty can be self-defeating.  If people can only blame others and do not dare to admit their own limitations, then the struggle will not work as it should. We have great trust, which is receiving grace and opportunity.  This we need to be fully developed.  What opportunities should we look for?  Which possibilities should we take advan