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The wages of bearing a heavy cross, joy abounds Luke, 14:25-33

Becoming a disciple of Jesus is often faced with controversial phenomena or teachings.  Not infrequently what Jesus taught did not make sense to the people in His environment.  Including how to become His disciples as narrated in today's Gospel.  Loving parents in the books of wisdom is a virtue that every child should do.  Loving and respecting parents is not just an invitation but this is a command and obligation so that children get happiness.  Likewise with loving husband, wife and children.  But Jesus taught something that seemed to contradict the teachings of this wisdom.  Jesus said, if a man comes to me and does not hate his father, mother, wife, children, brothers or sisters, even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.  Isn't this a harsh teaching?  This is not a popular teaching, because if you hate your parents and family you can be said to be a disobedient child.  Did Jesus teach His disciples to be disobedient?  If that's what Jesus taught, it's unlikely t

As Christians, life after death is an eternity. Everyone will experience death, everyone will experience the end of life. God will Provide Salvation.

Humans are not immortal, consciously or not we must have thought about what actually happens after death.  Life after death has always been a mystery of human questions throughout history.  There are many reviews related to this because it concerns about humans, about us.  This struggle will never end until we experience it ourselves. As Christians, life after death is an eternity.  God's promise of salvation will be fulfilled then.  Everyone will experience death, everyone will experience the end of life.  We too are waiting for the second coming of Christ in glory.  That's when the end of the world, we are all taken into eternity.  God's promise of salvation always applies to us, as long as we are faithful to God. The Pharisees asked about the Kingdom of God.  Their concept of the Kingdom of God is only limited to a place that is limited by space and time.  So they asked when and how the kingdom of God would come.  May the questions they ask because of hearing Jesus preac