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Do not compare the quality of our lives with others, it will lead to anger in us.

 Jesus expects us to see our lives at the very core of ourselves.  We must fight evil to its roots, before it comes to the surface as evil.  We must be able to overcome the anger that is the forerunner of killing.  We must be able to arrange peace in our hearts and make peace with our neighbors before we offer sacrifices or before the peace is imposed from outside by the competent authorities.  In everyday life, we tend to compare our quality of life with the quality of life of others.  Thus the danger arises, namely that we actually compare our quality of life with the lower quality of life of others.  When we come before God's altar to offer ourselves in union with Jesus, let us ask God for the gift of wisdom and understanding so that we can make peace with those we avoid.  Let us ask God to pour out His love so as to heal our wounds, anger and resentment.  We need to be healed by God before we can progress and be reconciled to others.

I Fulfill the Law With the Law of Love.

  I have not come to abolish the Law or the Prophets, but to fulfill them.  This radical and authoritative teaching of Jesus contained reactions from His disciples, as if Jesus wanted to abolish the Law and the Prophets.  Jesus asserted that He came precisely to fulfill what would have been flawed because of imperfect interpretation by the scribes.   Jesus taught His disciples to understand, live, practice and teach God's law in its entirety.  We should not enjoy His word only on things that are interesting or that suit our circumstances.  Let us not carry the principle of like it or not when we taste the word of God.  Because this will limit us to draw the wealth of God's word, even reduce the wealth of the word.   Jesus made it clear that He came not to destroy but to fulfill the Law.  Jesus did not want to stop at the rules and letters in the Torah.  Jesus wanted to set things straight and make it real.  In making it happen, Jesus faced a difficult reality due to many clashe

Sabda Bahagia Dari Tuhan

Setiap pribadi diajak untuk bijaksana dalam memposisikan dirinya sebagai pengikut Yesus karena setiap pengajaran-Nya sarat dengan hal-hal yang tak pernah kita duga. Dewasa ini bila kita berbicara masalah kebenaran dan kejujuran membuat hati miris. Betapa tidak? Dunia ini seakan-akan sudah terbolak balik seiring dengan maraknya situasi zaman yang makin menggila. Orang benar dan jujur disalahkan sebaliknya orang salah dibenarkan. Hal ini dapat kita jumpai dalam pengalaman hidup kita sehari-hari di tengah masyarakat kita. Sebagai pengikut Yesus, apakah kita berani bersaksi akan kebenaran di tengah masyarakat kendati senyum sinis dan sumpah serapah yang kita peroleh? Melawan arus zaman yang sudah terlanjur ternodai dengan perlakuan pribadi-pribadi yang tidak bertanggung jawab, yang mementingkan diri sendiri dan kelompok-kelompoknya bukanlah hal yang mudah. Dibutuhkan matiraga yang tak sedikit. Tapi ingatlah akan Sabda Bahagia di bukit itu, maka kita akan mengalami kekuatan yang datang dari

Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

   The Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ which is also commonly known as the Feast of Corpus Christi which takes place traditionally on the Thursday after the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity or in some places for more people to follow is held on the Sunday after Holy Trinity Sunday.  This celebration is very important for us because apart from the Holy Trinity, the Teaching of Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist is one of the main tenets of our faith.  In contrast to the Trinitarian nature of Our Lord which is recognized and is a fundamental part of the faith for most people who believe in God, the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist has not been accepted and rejected by some segments of people who believe in God.  However, this clearly does not show the sentiments and beliefs of the Church Fathers and all the early Christians who all believed in the true, real and living presence of God in the Eucharist.  This means that the bread and wine that we offer at the Celebrat