Jerusalem, the holy city, where the Jewish people gather every year, is now prophesied to be destroyed by foreign occupation.

The holy city of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the holy city, where the Jewish people gather every year, is now prophesied to be destroyed by foreign occupation.  The Jews will no longer control Jerusalem, it will be the foreigners who will occupy Jerusalem.  Even Jesus asserted that those who would occupy Jerusalem were nations that did not know God.  Thus, Jerusalem, which had been the religious center of the Jews, would become a pagan place.  Previously it was also prophesied that the temple would be destroyed, not one stone would rest on another stone.

 That is the old Jerusalem, the Jerusalem that only relies on the beauty of the physical building.  Jesus came and promised the coming of a new Jerusalem, which was Himself the one who brought salvation.  The old Jerusalem will be destroyed and their identity will be lost.  The new Jerusalem will rise and gather all the nations, not only the Jews but anyone who will come and accept God's offer of salvation.  The new Jerusalem will not only bring together one nation but an entire nation.  The new Jerusalem is not just the beauty of the temple building but the majesty and majesty of the crucified Christ.

 We live in the new Jerusalem.  It is also necessary to have a lifestyle that is in accordance with the new Jerusalem.  Old Jerusalem emphasized rules and laws.  The main rule and law in the new Jerusalem is the law of love.  The law of love is fully in Christ Jesus, the Son of the living God.  The law of love is no longer written in stone or inscriptions but is engraved with gold ink in the Holy Body.

 We eat the Holy Body every time we celebrate the Eucharist.  Thus we become the dwelling place of the Law of Love itself.  Our bodies become a field of struggle to implement the law.  That is the new Jerusalem, where we express and embody the law of Christ.  It is we who become the law of love with the main basis being Christ.  The new Jerusalem becomes a field for us to be good Samaritans.  Making all people neighbors is the newness of the old Jerusalem.  Precisely because of worship, a believer must dare to act like the good Samaritan.

 This is what we prepare to welcome Him who will come at any time.  Perseverance in prayer and at the same time persevering in making others for others is a concrete form of preparation for each of us.  By doing so, we will survive the lion's den and live to proclaim God's great and wondrous works.


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