The widow at Zarephath was willing to GIVE BREAD FROM HIS LACK to the prophet Elijah.

 The poor widow who put the offering into the treasury was praised by Jesus because the widow gave of her lack.  The Widow of Zarephath and the Poor Widow are examples of believers who imitate Jesus Christ who was willing to lay down His life for the salvation of the world.

 These two widows who are both poor give up what they need in life to help others who need them more.  They give willingly without expecting any appreciation or praise or reward.  we must always be ready to help anyone who is always in need, even if we have to sacrifice something that we really need.  For the greater the sacrifice, the greater the reward from God (Mark 12:14).

 Giving something to others in need, when we ourselves are also in need, is NOT EASY.  But herein lies the VALUE OF GIVING.  The value of that gift becomes REALLY HIGH, BECAUSE WE GIVE FROM WHAT WE NEED, NOT WHAT WE DON'T NEED.  We give from our lack and not from our abundance.  We ourselves want to use the item, but because for the sake of others we help, we let it go.  Here is the role of our hearts that are willing to sacrifice.

 There are people who give donations / donations in fairly large amounts but the amount is nothing compared to their wealth.  He gave out of excess, so in it there was no element of sacrifice and therefore became less valuable in the eyes of Jesus.  So the value of giving someone who gives a lot is NOT necessarily more meaningful than someone who gives a little.  This also means that THE ACTION OF GIVING ALSO DOES NOT DEPEND ON WHETHER PEOPLE HAVE A LOT OR LITTLE.  One should not think that because he does not have much he does not need to give anything to the church.  Giving means that there is an ASPECT of SACRIFICE in it.

 In addition, Jesus saw that the value of a gift lies not in the amount, but in the heart of the person who gave it.  How is our mood BEFORE giving alms, WHEN/TIME to give alms, and AFTER giving alms.  Before giving, we should not give out of necessity.  When we give, don't let us give with regret.  After giving, lest we make our alms/gifts an excuse to demand too much or demand various things or start doing calculations.

 My brethren, Be like the widow of Zarephath and the poor widow who dedicated her whole heart to God through our good works to others.  That is what pleases Him.


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